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Hawaii Primer – More to Come

This is just a very short post to say we have not abandoned our blog and hope to catch up sometime soon. Hawaii was non stop action from we arrived in the Islands and we had little time to even download our pictures.  In Oahu we were given the royal treatment by friends, Janice & Tenny, who took days out of their lives to show us the “real Hawaii” which most tourists never see. Waikiki beach, although great, is not what Hawaii is about! We spent two days in Kauai and two & a half days on Big Island and then six days in Maui – & we arrived back home in Toronto at 7:05 am this morning.
An example of a typical day – leaving our hotel at 2:25 in the  morning for a two hour + drive to Haleakala in Maui to be awed by the amazing sunrise. It was very cold – 5 degrees celsius with a biting wind at the viewing centre. Most tourists took the blankets and towels from their hotels in an attempt to stay warm.  Winsome used her beach towel as a scarf!  We arrived at our viewing spot at an altitude of 9,740 feet just after 5 am to wait for the 6:04 am sunrise. It was worth the wait and on the plus side I now know I don’t need to spent a fortune on Hermes scarfs for Winsome – any old towel will do!
Hope to update you further with photos, etc. as soon as we get over our jet lag & hopefully before we leave for Jamaica on the 19th.