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Amazing Race – Rohit’s Challenge

In true amazing race fashion, this task is a roadblock – you have the option to choose between one of the following two tasks; but beware, as each one is fraught with danger and could be…messy:

1. Ride a donkey down a hill in Greece.
(bonus points awarded if you do this in Santorini) or

2. Find an Indian restaurant in Spain (the seedier, the better) and polish off a plate of butter chicken! (bonus points awarded if you complete this task in Africa)

You decide which option will yield the greatest risk adjusted return – the choice is yours! 

For this challenge, I choose the donkey, even thought the last time I rode one I got tossed and landed on my head!  This challenge took a fair amount of courage and for that reason, I am looking for the bonus points even though I rode the ‘beast of burden’ up hills & down some very narrow pathways on the Greek Island of  Hydra instead of Santorini.


Amazing Race – Andrea’s Challenge

Maybe someone can explain why Andrea gets to give me two challenges?

1) Take a picture of the big 5 animals in Africa

2) Take a picture with a tribe, preferably doing a tribal dance 

You may notice that I don’t get quite as high as my Maasai pals!

Amazing Race – Steve’s Challenge

While you are in Kenya, have a picture taken of yourself under a Baobab Tree (Upside Down Tree)….. bonus points if you are eating baobab fruit at the time….. just make sure you don’t pick the trees flowers…. legend say if you do, you will be eaten by a lion. 

I searched high and low for a Baobab Tree before realizing that they do not exist in this part of Kenya – thanks Steve! In keeping with the sprit of the adventure; I did the next best thing and stood upside down beside a different tree. This Maasai warrior will never be the same. Even the hippo in the river were laughing.

Lionel’s Amazing Race

In keeping with the theme of the popular Amazing Race, each of my colleagues prepared a unique challenge to be completed during my travels. Some of these challenges will test the limits of my skills and imagination!

Clink on the link below for details of the challenges and stay tuned to track my progress!

Lionel’s Amazing Race

Boffo’s Challenge – Take a Picture of Alvin & Lionel in Scuba Gear & Speedos

We had to take some liberties with this challenge as the Cayman Islands has VERY strict laws on old guys (me) wearing speedos and Alvin is not a certified scuba diver. We did not want him to end up in the ‘dive chamber’ – for many reasons. That would have cost me the rest of my dives for my Cayman vacation +++.

Elliott’s Challenge – Take a Picture Fishing in Cayman

One would think that Lionel & Alvin, two Island boys, would  have no problem catching fish for lunch but it was not to be!  After striking out we decided to head to the East End fish fry for a sure thing.