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Amalfi, Italy

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amalfi Cruise Information (Click for more information)

Our Tour of Amalfi – 7 hours

Spectacular Amalfi Drive & Sorrento

One of Europeʹs most awe-inspiring roads, the circuitous Amalfi Drive is a thrill to travel on. You will follow its every twist and turn, as it threads the high, rocky sea cliffs and passes several picturesque villages clinging precariously to the steep coastline. The views of the Italian Riviera and Bay of Naples are breathtaking. This time of the year, the landscape is blanketed in bright-hued flowers, and the coastal air is fresh and tinged with pleasant aromas of the sea. Though you may never want the drive to end, you will soon find Sorrento to be the perfect complement. After a fascinating orientation of the town from your guide, you might enjoy watching the local artists demonstrate how they craft beautiful inlaid wooden objects. In your free time, there are plenty of cafes to enjoy lunch on your own and perhaps a Limoncello, a digestif made locally with lemons and sugar. 

Our bus driver on this tour was the best we had on all of our tours.  The views on the drive up to Sorrento were spectacular and the driver had to navigate some almost impossible turns while passing other vechiles including large buses.  There is actually a warning on the tour description – “The Drive consists of winding roads and is along the steep coastline and therefore can cause motion sickness.”   On more than one occasion, I heard Winsome say OMG and close her eyes – we were either on the edge of the precipice and/or another large bus was only a couple inches away from her window – see photo to the left where Winsome is taking a photo of the peope in the bus right beside her. Unfortunately, the road made it impossible to stop to take pictures along the way so the majority of pictures were taken through the bus window – which did not open.

While in Sorrento we visited the most amazing furniture store, Gargiulo & Jannuzzi, which designs, manufactures & sells the most incredible inlaid wood furniture.Each piece is unique and they will do custom orders. This is a fifth generation family business and the pride shows in their work.  Sadly, we did not have the time to purchase a piece we fell in love with but there is always the internet.

This picture taken from the bus came out better than expected as the camera captured the photographer reflection in the mirror on the side of the road.

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