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We spent a great six days in Maui. Like the rest of our Hawaii trip we were on the move all the time with very little time to relax.

During our stay in Maui, we experienced a very chilly sunrise at Haleakala, a wonderful evening at the Old Lahaina Luau,  a cruise on the beautiful 65 foot custom-built catamaran, Alii Nui, where we were fortunate to see a whale right along side our boat, even though the whale watching season was at an end and the amazing road trip to Hana with its 620+ curves and over 59 bridges, 46 of which are only one lane wide. Eeks!!!  Lionel cringed many times when the bus was on the edge of the road & he looked out his window down the precipice thousands of feet below.  That’s why the Road to Hana is also known as the “Divorce Highway,” – it has caused quite a few arguments among couples. On our Hana tour we were fortunate to be in a small comfortable tour van with twelve fun people, all from our hotel. We kept each other entertained the entire trip and our driver was exceptional often pulling off on the wrong side of the road for us to take pictures.  It was a very long day as the left the hotel at 6:40 am and returned after 6 pm.  However, the drive is worth it and offers many scenic views of Maui’s northern coastline, rainforests, fabulous black-sand beaches, waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation & some awesome freshly baked warm banana bread made with apple bananas!!!
When we were not on organized tours we were out driving, exploring the area, shopping, eating at great restaurants and visiting spots like the Nakalele Blowhole on the northern end of the island.  Nakalele Blowhole is the result of the ocean wearing away the shore below the lava shelf. With each wave, water is forced through a hole in the lava shelf resulting in the “eruption” of water similar to a geyser. Very cool to watch as the water can shoot up 100 feet but don’t get too close.  The most recent disaster was last July, as his girlfriend and dozens of tourists watched, a man was knocked off his feet by a wave and sucked into the blowhole never to be seen again.
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  1. 04/20/2012
    Hugh Mc Nabney

    Really appreciate the write ups and pictures. What is with the opicture with the Jamaician facing off with the Islanders?

    • 04/22/2012

      Hey Hugh – great to hear from you! Which picture are you talking about?

  2. 04/23/2012
    Anne Miller

    Oh come ON, Lionel — after growing up in Jamaica & driving (or being driven) on those mountain roads, you’ve been up close & personal with precipices lots of times before!


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