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**Graphic** Sirikoi Lodge – Cats

March 14th

Warning – you may find some of the following pictures are graphic!

At about 5 30 pm my guide and driver, Michael received a call on his radio from a colleague in another Sirikoi Lodge  jeep that there had been a kill. A lioness had brought down a baby eland – elands are spiral horned antelopes.

When we arrived, one of the females was having her diner, while the other lioness patiently waited  at a respectable distance to be invited for her turn.  Their cubs were nowhere to be seen. After the first lioness had her fill she allowed the other lioness to partake while she went to find her cubs. Unfortunately, we were not there when they returned.

By the end of the shoot I was losing light quickly and pushed the ISO (film speed) up to 3200.  It appears to add some pleasing noise.

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